LaToya Hankins, Author, Leader…Truth Teller


Join me Wednesday, October 15, 2014 @ 8pm EST as I talk with author LaToya Hankins about living the words that we write…

La Toya Hankins is the author of SBF Seeking, and K-Rho: The Sweet Taste of Sisterhood. She is a native of North Carolina and currently resides in Raleigh, NC. She is an East Carolina University graduate who earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism with a minor in political science. During her college career, she became a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.  Lambda Mu chapter. She currently serves as the publicity chair of the Chapel Hill, N.C. graduate chapter. Hankins currently works for the State of North Carolina in a division of the state’s Health and Human Services department.  Prior to her current employment, she worked seven and half years in the field of journalism.

Hankins enjoys reading and writing fiction. She is a co-founder and currently serves as the chair of Shades of Pride, a LGBT organization that hosts a yearly event in the Triangle area. SOP’s mission is to create opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of North Carolina’s LGBTQ communities. She is the proud pet parent of a 10-year-old terrier named Neo. Hankins considers writer and fellow Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. member Zora Neale Hurston as her role model for her ability to capture the essence of the African American Southern experience and living the motto, “I don’t weep at the world, I’m am too busy sharpening my oyster knife.”

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Author, Poet…Grown Woman, Monique’ Being True’ Thomas

Join me Wednesday, September 24, 2014 @ 8pm EST as I speak with  author and poet Monique “Being True” Thomas about writing and living words…

 Monique ‘Being True’ Thomas is a mother, partner and “life author” who has been embracing her love of words since adolescence. She is a native New Yorker to the bone and will remain in the city that never sleeps until her time on the earth is finished. She is a former teen journalist who wrote several articles about her time in the foster care system for Represent,formally known as Foster Care Youth United, a nationally published youth magazine for teens in the system. Monique has lent her voice to the spoken word circuit as well as Blog Talk radio when she joined the ladies of Lesbian Memoirs and other internet radio shows.  Her sensual, highly erotic and thought provoking poetry has been well received by many. She has also been featured in anthologies that were published by Lesbian memoirs.

 In 2012 Monique decided to finally fulfill l her dream of sharing her work with the world by self-publishing her first short story and poetry collection in her ‘Forever Tangled’ series. The following year she released not only a follow up to her short story collection but also three novellas, ‘Love Relived’, ‘In its Rawest Form’, and ‘Feeling for the wall’.  Each book touched on Monique’s feelings of romance and the realness of the presence of drama and the fight it takes to maintain a true love. Her latest book  ’Surrender’ is the first book of Two Hearts and a romance series. She is currently working on the second book of  the series that will have the upcoming Christmas season as its backdrop.
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Darnell L. Moore: Writer. Educator. Cultural Worker. Critic = TRUTH

Join me on September 10th at 8pm EST as I speak with Darnell L. Moore about living your work in your truth.

 Darnell L Moore is an educator and writer who lives in Brooklyn, NY.  He is currently on the board of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the City University of New York and was appointed by then-Mayor Cory A. Booker as Inaugural Chair of his LGBTQ Advisory Concerns Commission. He is also the co-founder, along with Beryl Satter, of the groundbreaking Queer Newark Oral History Initiative.

Along with former NFL player Wade Davis II, he recently co-founded YOU Belong, a social good company that launched the first ever LGBTQ youth summer camp in the U.S. pairing professional athletes (i.e. NFL and NBA) with LGBTQ youth. He is a nationally-recognized speaker and diversity consultant/trainer who has lectured and/or advocated broadly on LGBTQ concerns; race, gender, and sexuality; gender equity; Black masculinities; positive youth development; and other social justice issues in the U.S., UK, Canada, South Africa, Israel, and Palestine. 

It is equally important to Darnell that his work extends beyond the institutional and geographical spaces where he has served. He is a Managing Editor/Partner of The Feminist Wire,  a popular multi-media site dedicated to publishing progressive news and analyses.

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Immani Love: Author, Erotic Poetry..Goddess of Love

Join me August 13, 2014 @8pm EST as I talk with Immani Love about life, erotica and poetry. Are they one and the same?

Immani Love was born in Philadelphia, Pa and is currently making her home in Florida performing regularly at several venues throughout the US, UK, and Europe upon booking. Recently named 2013 Erotic Poet of the Year by the National Poetry Awards and invited to perform at UK Black Pride in London, England as well as EuroPride in Marseille, France. Currently on tour throughout Europe summer 2014.

Immani Love has also completed her first book of short stories in a series called “Adventures in Eroticism,” the first book is Adventures in Eroticism: Four Seasons available now on her website. Lesbian Erotica short stories where the main character is YOU! Take a trip into your fantasies with each story you read. With vivid imagery and tantalizing scenarios, these stories allow you to experience things not typically dared to be imagined! Lesbian Erotica has never had an avenue like this to explore sexuality with a sexy, yet witty outlook on intimacy. Creative locations from your own home to the Amazon Jungle, with escapades for every season…Adventures in Eroticism is sure to please on every level. Bedtime stories have never been so good! 

Look out for the rest of the series… 
Adventures in Eroticism: Workplace 
Adventures in Eroticism: Holiday 
Adventures in Eroticism: World Vacations

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Transgender Conversations…


Join me July 30, 2014 @ 8pm EST as we have Transgender Conversations an open conversation about the ongoing issues, life and love in the community and how all this revolves around our panelists and maybe, just maybe you. Joining me will be Louis Mitchell, Reverend  Eunice “Yunus” Coldman and Jack Ori. 

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Louis Mitchell believes that community building and community service are important spiritual values.

Louis serves as the Engagement Coordinator for the TransFaith and as the Minister of Family and Congregational Life for South Congregational Church in Springfield.  He is founding member of the Trans People of Color Coalition, a member of the National Black Justice Coalition’s Leadership Advisory Council, a member of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries’ Trans-Saints. Louis has been named as one of the ten leading Black Religious Leaders Advancing LGBTQ Justice by Believe Out Loud, was honored as the recipient of the 2011 Haystack Award from the Massachusetts Conference of the UCC for his work in Social Justice and Social Ministry. Louis was featured in the documentary, Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen and selected to be the Keynote Speaker for the inaugural Black Transmen, Inc. Conference and the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, both in 2012.


Reverend  Eunice “Yunus” Coldman is an ordained Interfaith Minister and licensed NYC Wedding Officiant. He is CEO of Soulful Touch Ceremonies which provides ceremonial services throughout the New York tri-state area and Long Island.  His eclectic life experiences have included tenure as an opera singer, a showroom designer and contracts manager. Having come from an Evangelical background, in 2010 he began seeking a path that included multiple spiritual walks of life and finally became an Interfaith Minister for the sole purpose of bringing life and divine love to those who seek his counsel and services.

Reverend Yunus is a member of Rivers at Rehoboth. There he serves as Director of the Healing and Interfaith Ministries. These ministries include healing services and counsel, meditation, and Reiki practices. Through Interfaith there is inclusion of worship and sacred celebration that embraces the diversity of culture, ethnicity and reflects the essence of who we are in the Christian church. He is also an active member of Rivers at Rehoboth’s Healing & Restoration Ministry and Social Justice Ministry.

Reverend Yunus is also Founder of Balm of Gilead Interfaith International Spiritual Center in New York, a place of worship and sacred celebration serving those who are seeking an experience different from mainstream religion.

In September of 2013, Reverend Yunus made the milestone, life changing, life affirming decision to move forward in the process of transition coming from female to male and to become a visible activist for the Trans* community within ministry.


Jack Ori  likes to say that he took the “long way around” to the life he was meant to live. Born and raised as the girl he was not, he struggled with anger, depression and social difficulties that interfered with his ability to use his intelligence for anything productive. It wasn’t until he began gender transition in his early 30s that he began living up to his potential. Today, Jack is pursuing his Masters in mental health counseling at the New School in New York City while earning a living as a freelance writer and life coach for young adults.


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Christiana Harrell: Author, Reviewer and Lambda Literary Award Nominee

Join us on July 23rd @8pm EST as we speak with prolific author Christiana Harrell about writing, her nomination and being her authentic self. Her first release, “GIRL: A Story for Every Les Being” became a #1 best seller in the Amazon Gay and Lesbian category on April 22, 2013. Girl Her latest accomplishment in literature came with her most recent release “Cream”, putting her up for her very first nomination—Lambda Literary Award in General Lesbian Fiction. Christiana is currently working on building her review company Sapphic Pages, which focuses on LBGTQIA Literature. Her next book is set to release this fall.

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Alexis De Veaux: Author • Poet • Activist • yabo


Join us July 9, 2014 @ 8pm EST as we speak with author Alexis De Veaux about her newest love: yabo

Alexis De Veaux was born and raised in Harlem, the product of two merging streams of black history in New York City—immigrants from the Caribbean on her mother’s side and migrants from North Carolina on her father’s side—who settled in Harlem in the early decades of the twentieth century. The second of eight children, that history was embedded in her mother’s view of life: “You got three strikes against you. You poor, you black, and you female.” But Alexis was drawn to the world of words and books and literature soon became the means by which she re-imagined the world her mother understood. 

The social movements of the 1960s, and the black writers associated with them, had a determining impact. Alexis began to envision the possibilities of living as a writer. In the early 1970s she joined the writer’s workshop of the Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center in Harlem. The workshop was run by the late writer, Fred Hudson. Under his guidance she won First Place in a national black fiction writers’ contest (1972), published her first children’s book, Na-ni (1973), and the fictionalized memoir, Spirits in the Street (1973). By the end of the 1970s, Alexis’s reputation as a writer bridged multiple genres: fiction, children’s literature, playwriting and poetry.

 In the ensuing decades, the tensions between the Black Arts Movement, an emerging black feminist movement, and, later, the Third World Gay and Lesbian Liberation Movement, were the backdrop for Alexis’s writing. Her work began to be defined by two critical concerns:  making the racial and sexual experiences of black female characters central to her work, and disrupting boundaries between forms. In 1980 she published Don’t Explain, an award-winning biography of jazz great Billie Holiday, written as a prose poem. Her short stories were also exercises in disrupting the lines between poetry and prose. As a freelance writer and contributing editor for Essence magazine in the 1980s, Alexis penned a number of socially relevant articles, traveling on behalf of the magazine to Zimbabwe, Kenya and Egypt. She was chosen by the magazine to go to South Africa in 1990 to interview Nelson Mandela upon his historic release from prison, making her the first North American writer to do so. As an artist and lecturer she has traveled extensively in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Japan and Europe. Alexis published a second award-winning children’s book, An Enchanted Hair Tale (1987) before moving to Buffalo, where she finished graduate school, earning a doctorate in American Studies in 1992. A project nearly ten years in the making, her biography of Audre Lorde, Warrior Poet (2004) has been the recipient of several awards, including the Gustavus Meyers Outstanding Book Award (2004), the Lambda Literary Award for Biography (2004), the Hurston/Wright Foundation Legacy Award, Nonfiction (2005). Her work is available in English, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese and Serbo-Croatian.

 Today, Alexis is a celebrated writer and activist recognized for her life-long contributions to a number of women’s and literary organizations. She has collaborated with the visual artist Valerie Maynard and poet Kathy Engel on the digital project, “Are You Now or Have You Ever Been Terrorized?” (available on YouTube) and co-founded with Kathy Engel, Lyrical Democracies ( , a cultural partnership aimed at communities interested in working with poets to enhance existing social projects.

With her new work, Yabo, Alexis has returned to her first love: writing fiction.


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Alexis De Veaux

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Diedra Meredith Chairwoman of the LGBT Academy of Recording Arts (LARA) and CEO of OUTmusic Inc.


Diedra Meredith Chairwoman of the LGBT Academy of Recording Arts (LARA) and CEO. 

Born and raised in New Orleans, LA. In 1999 she transplanted to Brooklyn, NY. after retiring from her award winning career as a choreographer. She is also known as recording artist Deepa Soul, recently landing in the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 Club Play Dance Charts for the third time alongside Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears.

Deepa Soul produced her first record in New York City with the legendary Superstar DJ/Producer Junior Vasquez who is responsible for producing mega crossover remixes for Cher, Madonna, Whitney, Mariah, Beyonce, Mary J Blidge, Elton John and many more…..


Since 2007, Diedra has served as the Chairwoman and CEO of Out Music – The LGBT(lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Academy of Recording Arts (LARA) and the Senior Executive Producer of the OUTmusic Awards. 

 Diedra says, “for far too long, LGBT people have not had a platform. Just like there is a necessity for the Latin Grammy’s, BET Awards and the Country Music Awards, he OUTmusic Awards are indeed just as necessary if not more!” Diedra launched a program to mentor homeless and at risk young people with the “I Am Music Project” and strives to use the OUTmusic Awards platform to shine a light on the homeless youth epidemic in America. The mission is to give homeless and at risk young people access to the arts through programming support from LARA and the OUTmusic Foundation. 

Join us as we talk music, life and listening on June 25, 2014 @ 8pm EST

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Tuning in with L. Michael Gipson


Join us on June 18, 2014 @8pm EST as we talk with L. Michael Gipson a critically acclaimed writer, award-winning youth advocate and burgeoning songwriter. For his public health youth work, Michael was the recipient of the NAACP and the Black AIDS Institute 2001 Leaders of Today and Tomorrow award. His socio-political essays have been published in two recent anthologies, including “Emerging Agendas: The Best of Poverty and Race 2001-2005”. His feature articles and cultural criticism essays have regularly appeared in BET/CENTRIC, CREATIVE LOAFING ATL, SWERV, ARISE, CLIK, AMPLIFY, PULSE and PORT OF HARLEM. On the music scene, Michael began writing music artist profiles with the regional Midwestern cult classic URBAN DIALECT leading to his indie music column “Go Deep” on before finally settling into the SoulTracks family. He is available for indie artist bios and promotional materials at faithwalkllc(at)


Web links:

Podcast Show:
SoulTracks (Music Editor):
WALA (Executive Director):
My Biography Page:
Consulting Firm Website (under construction):

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G.R.I.T.S. - Girls Raised in the South: An Anthology of Southern Queer Womyns’ Voices and Their Allies


Sipping On Ink

Listen in, June 11, 2014 @ 8pm EST as we talk with editors Poet on Watch & Amber N. Williams  along with various authors and artists featured on the pages of G.R.I.T.S

This cutting-edge anthology G.R.I.T.S: Girls Raised In The South- An Anthology of Southern Queer Womyns’ Voices and Their Allies, edited by Poet On Watch & Amber N. Williams, can be compared to the pioneering anthology Home Girls which featured writings by Black feminist and lesbian activists on topics both provocative and profound. G.R.I.T.S. is a critical self-analysis and celebration with multicultural queer women voices and their allies through essays, short stories, poetry, photo stories and healing comfort recipes. The perspectives are of womyn who live in the Southern region of the United States and/or have a strong affinity for this locale. The theme of the publication surrounds the subject matter of erotica while enjoying food, our connection to the South, the bonds created between lovers, and in sisterhood, personal growth, be it spiritual or otherwise and our best G.R.I.T.S recipes. Come and sit a while on the porch and bask in this Southern hospitality. We have the iced tea waiting. Welcome to our lives. To join us in community please like our facebook page https: //

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Sipping On Ink is BACK!!!

Join us for the first show June 4, 2014 @ 8pm EST.

We took a break after three years and 120 shows and now it’s time to return! It’s time to shine the light, once again, on those doing more than in the community.

Join us for our “Welcome Back” show where we catch up with not only past guests but you the listener! Tell us what’s been going on in your world as Kat shares what’s been happening in hers. New books, new projects and of course new guests. 

Speaking of guests, we are looking for new ones! If you haven’t been on SOI, come join us, let us shine our light on you. 

Sipping On Ink is an exploration into all things LGBTQ oriented. If you are a writer, artist, producer, musician, filmmaker, poet or actor then this is the show for you. Come on and tell the world what makes you unique as well as sharing the pathways you have traveled.

Click here—SOI!


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